Ad Specs

Intermedia provides one of the most comprehensive and targeted B2B advertising networks in Australia.

Digital Ad Specs

With a range of standard display across all platforms – Intermedia Group provides premium publisher solutions to deliver effective outcomes and successful campaigns.

Banner Ads

These are IAB standardised banner ads that feature throughout our websites.

Branded Content

Branded Content is where editorial content is sponsored by the advertiser.

Exclusive EDM

Electronic Direct Mail-outs (EDM) allow the advertiser to send out promotional content, with the endorsement of the relevant B2B brand.

Network Wide Branded Content

This is an extension of the Branded Content (or Native) offered on one B2B website, but is instead promoted throughout the entire Intermedia network of 30 websites.

Product Newsletter

Align your company’s products to our trusted brands in our bespoke product newsletters, each revolving around a particular theme.

Site Take-Over

A Site Take-Over allows the advertiser to buy all banner ad inventory across an entire website.

Social Media

Your campaign is automatically promoted to the brand’s social media following.

Web Category Sponsorship

Web Category Sponsorship allows an advertiser to buy all banner ad inventory within that category of the website.

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