Branded Content

Branded Content, otherwise known as ‘Native’, is where editorial content is sponsored by the advertiser. Your brand aligns with the editorial content piece and has brand exclusivity when it comes to the banner inventory surrounding that content.

Contact the relevant brand to find out more about this effective investment opportunity.


All Branded Content is featured on the homepage of the relative site for the duration of the campaign. It is clearly labelled and highlighted for transparency with our audience.

It has prime positioning ‘above the fold’, and can accommodate A/B testing for story images and titles to increase audience engagement.

All Branded Content is promoted across all of our social media channels (typically LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to boost traffic to the relevant story. A detailed report can be supplied at the end of all native campaigns.


All Branded Content is featured in the weekly newsletter of the relative site for the duration of the campaign.

Branded Content Article

Branded content is content that does not involve traditional advertising. It can include articles, videos, podcasts, and even live elements that bring relevant value to the consumer.

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